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Travel in comfort, on your own time, without the hassle of big-city airports

Fast Air provides top-tier private charter services, aircraft management and hangar space for business aircraft right here in British Columbia
Fast Air has been providing safe, professional and enjoyable private travel experiences for almost three decades. Photo via Fast Air

In today’s digital age, we enjoy the convenience of managing almost everything in our life through a screen.

While this technological ease is undeniable, there remains an essential role for in-person interactions – particularly in the world of commerce.

Let’s say you and your C-Suite team need to be at a pivotal meeting in Edmonton – you could fly commercially and be subject to airline schedules. Not to mention the additional costs of hotel rooms when an extra night’s stay is required due to lack of flight options, or renting a car because you are unable to fly directly to your destination.

Fast Air is the Tylenol to all of these typical commercial flying headaches.

Based out of Abbotsford International Airport (YXX), Fast Air takes pride in offering comfortable, personalized service combined with efficiency and flexibility for the ultimate private travel experience.

Whether you’re a team of C-suite executives, business owners, or affluent individuals looking to travel for business or pleasure, Fast Air’s sweet spot is found in its unparalleled focus on efficiency and convenience. 

Fast Air ensures that your team avoids the lineups, delays and hassle of larger airports – and when flying privately, you can seamlessly return home the same day.

And if there’s one thing you can’t put a price on, it’s your time. Fast Air operates with reduced congestion and wait times, with fewer planes arriving and departing when compared to YVR.

What does that mean? Less air traffic, shorter queues for takeoff and landing, quicker clearance procedures and less time spent waiting on the ground. With fewer flights scheduled, Abbotsford Airport offers more flexibility in terms of landing and departure times, allowing for easier adjustments to your flight schedule.

Fast Air provides substantial cost savings for private plane owners and operators by offering lower landing fees, parking fees, and fuel prices compared to major city hubs. Photo via Fast Air

Private aircraft management services

Fast Air not only offers charter services but also provides aircraft storage and comprehensive management solutions, boasting competitive fees and personalized services. Their Transport Canada-certified AMO offers maintenance services for various aircraft and avionics, including Gulfstream, Hawker, Challenger, King Air, and Garmin equipment, ensuring top-notch care and peace of mind for aircraft owners.

At its core, Fast Air prides itself on a distinguished client experience where the formula is simple – go beyond the call of duty and leave clients completely satisfied through a safe, professional and comfortable experience. This is a formula the company has repeated for almost three decades of service and puts the focus on every client that boards its aircraft as being a special guest.

The Fast Air pledge extends beyond the confines of Canada – this is a forward-thinking company that is committed to a greener global future through numerous initiatives: carbon offset buildings and flights; the use of LED lighting; electrification of ground equipment; a paperless policy for manuals and exams; a geo-thermal heated hangar, and so much more. 

Fast Air is the first Canadian aviation company to achieve NATA Certification and is a member of the Air Elite Network, a World Fuel Services program and World Kinect Energy Services, which helps to support members with certified Carbon-Offset Solutions.

Fast Air's Abbotsford facility includes a VIP lobby, a stylish conference room, secure parking and more. Photo via Fast Air

The next phase of the Fast Air Abbotsford facility will include a full service FBO. The Fast Air Jet Centre (FBO) in Winnipeg was voted the ‘Best FBO in Canada’ in 2022 and 2023. The new facility in Abbotsford is equipped with remarkable amenities: a 2,500 square foot VIP lobby with stunning views of Mt. Baker; a sleek and sophisticated conference room; private and secure parking and other aircraft services that ensure that the needs of business travellers are met with utmost efficiency and sophistication.

"After a successful year of charter operations in Abbotsford, our newly built facility represents our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clients while offering seamless travel experiences across Canada. We're excited to bring Fast Air's exceptional standards of comfort, reliability and personalized service to our valued passengers in B.C." says Dylan Fast, CEO of Fast Air.

Located 50 kilometres from downtown Vancouver, Abbotsford International Airport has strategically positioned itself as the go-to choice for executive travel in the Metro Vancouver region through its combination of convenience, security, and top-flight facilities.