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This upcoming conference offers a glimpse into the workplace of the future

TenantTalks will feature invaluable advice from those in the tech, real estate and legal sectors
Dan Boram, CEO of Aura Office Environments. Photo via: Aura Office Enivornments

Imagine even a decade ago proposing the notion of a hybrid work week to an employer, or terms like “synergy” and “culture” being paramount to a company’s success.

If nothing else, COVID-19 saw to it that the workplaces of a generation ago hardly resemble the physical spaces we see and interact in today. 

With those paradigm shifts now top of mind, an upcoming panel discussion in Vancouver aims to rethink what the office experience looks and feels like in 2023 and beyond.

Presented by event partner Aura Office Environments, TenantTalks runs from 1 to 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 16 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Aligned under the theme of “Maximizing the In-Office Employee Experience,” the upcoming event will feature speakers from various industries, disciplines and locations across Canada. The ultimate objective is to bring leaders together to discuss their personal experiences, challenges and ideas around the use of the office and the evolving ways we work.

Pivoting priorities

“Employees don’t want to return to the same office that they left in 2020,” explains Greg Wooster, vice president of workplace strategy and design at Aura Office Environments. “Clearly, there was a major shift that happened because of COVID, so we really have to elevate our workspaces and elevate the employee experience to make sure that employees are really benefiting from coming into the office.”

TenantTalks helps tenants navigate the workplace and covers everything from company culture to space needs. It provides companies and tenants a platform to share information and ideas to better adapt to the changing work landscape.

Beyond those synergies, hearing from industry professionals helps reassure businesses that investing in Vancouver’s commercial real estate is still a wise, long-term business strategy.

New perspectives

Aura Office

This summit is distinguished by two impactful panel discussions and a commercial office expo. The first panel will discuss the real estate landscape, spotlighting landlords and real estate experts as they provide updates on Vancouver's dynamic commercial real estate scene – spanning vacancy rates to upgrades in building amenities.

The second panel will showcase thought leaders from top Canadian companies discussing how they are maximizing the in-office employee experience. Complementing these discussions is a commercial office expo featuring innovative companies offering products and services to elevate workspace environments.

Included across the two-panel discussions will be representatives from prominent local property developers and those in the legal, tech and consulting industries, among others. 

“We want attendees to gain valuable insights about what is happening in the current Vancouver and Metro Vancouver markets and leave with some key takeaways around how they can improve their employee experience,” says Dan Boram, CEO of Aura Office Environments.

Tickets for TenantTalks cost $25, with all proceeds going directly to BackPack Buddies.